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Yamaha’s road bike range is designed to take you to a new level of emotion and excitement. And whatever your style of riding, there is a Yamaha that can satisfy your motorcycling desires. 

Inspired directly by the MotoGP championship winning YZR-M1, the Supersport range brings mind-bending performance, headlined by the incredible YZF-R1 with control technologies that allow you to extract maximum excitement on every ride.

Further down the line, the YZF-R7 and YZF-R3 open up adrenalin-filled riding to a new generation of Supersport riders. And at the entry level, the all-new YZF-R15M has been redesigned into a version 4.0 using many of the features and all the style of its bigger capacity brothers.

The aggressive Hyper Naked range is headlined by the MT-10 – the beast that can be tamed thanks to a comprehensive electronic control suite and precise handling that combines power with agility. At the top of the naked tree sits the MT10SP with high-tech Ohlins electronic suspension for ultimate control.

Equipped with our powerful 890cc high-torque engine and lightweight chassis, the XSR900 will get you to the coffee shop in no time. Not that it’s a race, but it’s good to know that performance is as high on the feature list as style. Together with the XSR700, the Sport Heritage range offers the ideal blend of show and go for your motorcycling journey.